Support and prevention of violence against women

Comprehensive support for victims of violence against women (past and present). We work with the objective of allowing them to successfully face their process of reinsertion into society and the workforce with a parallel process of recuperation through individual or group therapy and support.

We also coordinate actions designed at preventing violence against women and raising awareness of this problem among the women that participate in our programs. Finally, we coordinate training and support programs for the experts who work in our programs.

Personalized care


A comprehensive service for the care, recuperation and empowerment of victims of violence against women and their children. This service is aimed at women who participate in SURT actions as well as those redirected from other external services.

Individual Support

Individual Support

In the SIARE service we carry out individual exploratory interviews, a diagnosis and a definition of the individual plan of each woman in a situation of violence, and we provide individual psychotherapeutic support.

Group action

Groups for prevention and awareness

The creation of groups of women who are victims of violence. Through therapy and sharing, these groups work on empowerment and on reinforcing skills.

Group empowerment

Group work to strengthen and promote bonding, support and mutual recognition, which may allow dealing with common problems and advance the defence of common interests, while defining the individual life and professional project of each participant, and recovering and developing skills towards full autonomy.


Family work groups

The creation of groups of women who are victims of violence. Through therapy and sharing, these groups work on empowerment and on reinforcing skills.

Psychotherapy groups

By working in a group, we address processes of change and personal growth in women who participate in the area of care and recuperation.

Zero tolerance for violence – Psychosocial care program

Workshops to promote recuperation and to overcome the emotional scars caused by violence against women. This program is paid for by “La Caixa” Foundation. It's held twice a year, and groups are formed each semester.

Mentor network – Empowerment and the inclusion of women

This network helps women develop personal skills and recuperate personal resources, so that they can develop new strategies to overcome the obstacles that abound as a result of the economic recession. In doing so, these women become examples for others who have suffered from violence. We aim to create a mutual support network and create a group of female mentors who offer positive examples to sufferers of violence against women.

With the creation of this network, we aim to encourage the inclusion of women personally, socioeconomically, and in the job market. We generate strategies for empowerment while mobilizing the resource of the community and mutual support.


We offer training on preventing violence against women from a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and intercultural point of view.

Prevention and awareness

Talleres de prevención y sensibilización de la violencia machista para jóvenes tuteladas

Workshops on prevention and awareness of violence against women for wards of the state
These workshops are aimed at adolescents and young men and women between the ages of 14 and 18 from Barcelona's orphanages. This period is key in the definition of personal identities. Cultural references, the adoption of gender roles, sexual and group identity all play an important part in interpersonal relationships at this stage.

These workshops will allow young wards of the state to visualize gender inequality and become aware of it. In addition, we work on romantic relationships and romantic love, as well as preventing different manifestations of violence against women in everyday romantic relationships.

These workshops are organized together with the management and the workers of the city orphanages.

Prevention and awareness of violence against women for young adolescents and pre-adolescents

These workshops aim to address violent and sexist behaviors that are the result of a social construction. They take up eight hours in all, which are divided into four two-hour sessions. We work on stereotypes, personal autonomy, and positive models for both genders. We also work specifically with males and females so that they can become empowered, distinguish positive models, have tools for solving conflicts, work on romantic relationships, identify different forms of violence and know how to escape them.