Research and innovation

Research and innovation is an area for reflection, feminist research, innovation and the exchange of experiences, which has to do to do with the social context that surrounds us as well as the activity carried out by SURT. We carry out research on subjects like violence against women in its different forms and contexts, the social situation of women, employment and social exclusion. Beginning with research, not only do we work on expanding our knowledge in order to guide and complement innovation; we also develop new methods for working with women, and we generate political proposals that contribute to social transformation in terms of gender equality. The research projects we’re developing take place on a local, national and European level.

Violence against women

Research projects on the topic of violence against women in its different forms. We want to capture women’s experiences, the impacts of violence and the strategies to reach a society free of all kind of violence.

Addressing gender relations and intimate partner violence (IPV) in Roma communities

Local project funded by the Open Society Foundation (2015) aiming at improving the ways in which IPV among Roma women is detected and addressed in social and health services of the Barcelona metropolitan area and prevented by education professionals. The project also aims at advocating for policies and practices that consider Roma diversity and gender relations within Roma communities.

WAVE. Women against violence engagement

European project developed between 2015 and 2016. It aims at fighting VAW in Turkey by fostering knowledge exchange between EU and Turkish civil society organisations (CSOs), improving the capabilities of CSOs, and increasing dialogue between policy makers and CSOs on this issue.

Social services - in support of Roma women and children for a life free of violence

European project developed in Bulgaria, Greece and Spain between 2015 and 2016. The main objective of the project is to improve the support for Roma women suffering violence in the EU by raising awareness of the existing specialized social services in the three partner countries, increasing the capacity of the professionals and encouraging the exchange of good practices and experiences in working with them within the EU.


This is a European project coordinated by SURT with the participation of organizations from Catalonia, Finland, Italy, Cyprus and Belgium. Throughout 2013 and 2014, the objective of this project has been to carry out research in order to expand our knowledge of the prevalence and the characteristics of experiences of violence and abuse against girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who live in supervised apartments under the legal responsibility of public authorities.


Trafficking women in order to exploit them

We aim to improve our knowledge of one of the most invisible but relevant violations of human rights in the world today: traffic in women and girls in order to exploit them sexually or otherwise.

GIRL. Gender Interventions for the Rights and Liberties of Women and Girls Victims of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

European project developed in Spain, Italy and Romania between 2014 and 2016. The project aims at increasing knowledge and raising awareness on the phenomenon of trafficking against women for sexual exploitation and integrating the gender perspective in anti-trafficking activities.

Stop Traffic for Domestic Work

This research project aims to obtain information on trafficking of women for exploitation as domestic labor in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Lithuania. With this research, we elaborate political recommendations and carry out activities to raise awareness and to prevent trafficking, aimed at public and private agents.

Genderis Project

European project developed in Catalonia, Romania and Italy between 2013 and 2015. The main objective of the project was to introduce the gender perspective in anti-trafficking actions and policies. This was achieved through research, the elaboration of a good practices catalogue and a Handbook to introduce gender perspective in the fight against trafficking, and the implementation of pilot projects.

Migrant Women, Migration and Citizenship

This project is aimed at discovering the individual trajectories and political participation of migrant women and making them visible. In doing so, we hope to give them the value they deserve, to analyze inequality from an intersectorial point of view, and include a gender-based perspective in the study of migration and migratory policy, as well as to advance the analysis and recognition of transnational citizenship.

Parti GE.MI Project

European project developed in Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy between 2013 and 2015, with the aim of enhancing migrant women's and men's participation for/in active citizenship. The main project activities were: research on the experiences, obstacles and strategies to migrants' participation, development of training activities and mentoring to promote their participation.

Labor market

This area includes research from a gender-based point of view on the labor market and on the training of women and their place in the workforce. It also includes projects in methodological innovation.

Research studies on the impact of the crisis on women

Several research studies carried out to understand and make visible the impact of the economic crisis on women:

In 2010, the research study ‘Women in crisis’ alerted to how the economic crisis has an impact on women in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. In 2011, research focused on the impact of the crisis on migrant women. In 2014, research was centered on the impact of the economic crisis starting in 2008 on the social, labour and personal situation of women.

Social exclusion

Research on poverty and social exclusion from a feminist perspective.