The programs we carry out in this area aim to offer tools and opportunities for inclusion, job placement and personal empowerment. This includes a wide range of activities, going from the development of comprehensive itineraries for inclusion and professionalization to specific training programs and other innovative actions that guarantee the inclusion of vulnerable social groups.

We work from a comprehensive point of view, with empowerment as a general objective. We aim to define individual life projects where personal abilities can be honed, obstructive beliefs can be modified, and where the abilities and professional skills of the women who participate are allowed to blossom.

In this work area, we also develop different support programs and resources, keeping in mind that the economic recession has limited many peoples’ access to resources.

Comprehensive itineraries for inclusion and professionalization

A comprehensive program that gives new work opportunities to women who have worked in the commercial sex trade. It aims to respond to the needs of those who want to give up prostitution (their main source of income) and find a new type of employment.

This program offers guidance and help in job placement. It gives participants the opportunity to improve their professional skills, so that they have a better chance of finding new employment. In order to do so, we help them design and carry out a personalized life plan.


A personalized guidance itinerary to help women who work or have worked in the commercial sex trade, and who have some recent experience in the formal job market, so that they can find new or improved employment opportunities.

This project is based on the methodology of empowerment, and the model of skills and employability. In the first phase, we define the participant's life project in the short, medium and long term, and we develop a detailed plan of action in order to accomplish the different proposed objectives.

IDG la Mina

A job placement itinerary for women from la Mina neighborhood. Its objective is to help them find their way into the job market and to raise awareness among employers so that they offer them equal opportunities.

Mira’t [Take a look into yourself]

This program aims to empower young girls through coaching. It offers comprehensive support while putting the emphasis on academic and job placement.

This initiative encourages empowerment, self-awareness and decision making. It facilitates the inclusion of young women from different social groups and it promotes the autonomy of each as a woman.

Eskala [Ladder]

This program is aimed at young women between the ages of 18 and 30 who are vulnerable, faced by unemployment, and who decide to undertake a process of change in their lives.

These are young women with different profiles and from different social contexts who are having trouble moving forward, and who need help making decisions and undertaking life changes that can result in academic or job placement.

Skill-based employability itinerary

This training opportunity favors the incorporation of the unemployed into the job market and society in general. It works on improving their employability by developing their skills, and on defining and carrying out their life projects (on both a personal and a professional level).

Programs for empowerment and leadership among Romani women

Posa’t guapa – La Mina  [Get pretty – La Mina]

This project aims to promote consciousness among Romani women on matters of personal hygiene. It encourages the incorporation of these habits into their everyday lives and the lives of those around them. It involves public servants and the community in projects that promote the improvement of living conditions in the Romani community.

Posa’t en forma – Sabadell [Get in shape - Sabadell]

This project aims to empower women through sports and healthy living, so that they can get in shape. It offers comprehensive assistance, putting the emphasis on taking care of body and mind through empowerment, promotion, visibilization and social cohesion among Romani women. In addition, it facilitates the social inclusion of women from different social groups, and it promotes taking care of oneself by working with intergenerational groups.

Social care

With the aim of supporting insertion projects initiated by women, especially in cases of special risk and exclusion, SURT has established a whole series of supplementary resources available to users of our the insertion programs. These resources are designed to ensure the sustainability of the different processes we set into motion. Since 2011, we've been working on a program designed to respond to crisis situations by providing for victims' basic needs.

Opening doors

This is a job placement and empowerment program for women who are in poverty as a result of the recession. In this program, we also aim to respond to their basic needs. We organize food drives (in coordination with social services), and collect clothing and toiletries, etc. We also aim to provide services to the women who need them at reduced prices. Finally, we offer emotional and legal support to users for free.

Universal basic income

We manage universal basic income for women who suffer from exclusion.

Halfway houses

We offer semi-assisted living to women suffering from social exclusion and their children.

Management of external services

Urban lounge chairs. Inclusive spaces in Barcelona. A project for the management of urban spaces with recreational equipment that is lent out for free. This allows us to employ women in situations of risk, who manage the service.

Legal advice service

This resource offers support to women who need information and legal advice on different issues. We take on cases, offer guidance or redirect users to other useful resources.