At SURT, we’ve always supported and accompanied women who want to create their own business.

At the moment, however, SURT’s main challenge in this area is to create and validate a methodological model for entrepreneurship defined with and by the women themselves, which is capable of responding to their wants, their needs and their expectations. Our aim, therefore, is to define a gender-based entrepreneurship model.

Mujeres con Valores (Women with values)

This is a pilot project that aims to become a methodological proposal for intervention from a gender-based point of view, in order to inform, train, counsel and accompany women who want to become entrepreneurs. It generates a stable group space where women can recuperate their talents, analyze their business ideas, acquire necessary management skills and define, experiment and set up their own business.



In 2013, RosasCrafts began a pilot training experience where women who had difficulties entering the labor market were trained as seamstresses. This project was established with the collaboration of SERT and through an agreement with the Barcelona City Hall.

This training process paved the way for a social workshop created in 2013, directed and organized by the women themselves under the guidance of RosasCrafts. This project works towards an economic model where private business includes social benefit as one of its general objectives.

Catalunya Emprèn (Catalonia Entrepreneur)

A comprehensive resource service that informs, orients, trains and advises entrepreneurs, while driving new entrepreneurship initiatives in order to generate economic activity. This center takes advantage of Catalonia's existing potential and the network of contacts and needs that arises among the different projects.