Consultancy and services

The Surt foundation is also a consultancy on gender, specialized in advice and training for equality among men and women in society, the economy, education and culture. With our gender consultancy, we offer different services to organizations, public administrations and businesses. Our highly qualified team of professionals works with a methodology based on participation and the management of change, combining advice and training.

  • Auditing and diagnosis on gender.
  • Design of internal equality plans.
  • Design of political plans for citizen equality.
  • Reports on the impact of gender.
  • Technical support and assessment for the incorporation of a gender-based perspective in the management of human resources, social action projects and public political programs.
  • Creation of materials for raising awareness (guides, training materials, etc.) of gender issues, gender transversality, equality plans, violence against women, and methods for insertion based on competencies.

*Customized: our projects are custom-designed.


Training for professionals

  • Courses on training in competencies.
  • Methods for community action.
  • Training courses to include a gender-based perspective in the area of social services.
  • Online training project on gender-based perspective.
  • Courses and workshops on intercultural perspective.
  • Management of violence against women.
  • Violence against women and different cultures.
  • Violence against women in the workplace.
  • Violence against women in the community.
  • Society, gender, inequality and discrimination.
  • Coeducation and strategies for change.
  • Gender and the labor market.
  • Preparation of agents for equality.
  • Shared responsibility, use of time, and managing responsibilites.
  • Non-sexist language and communication.
  • Gender and mediation.
  • Gender and entrepreneurship.

*Customized: we adapt the length, the curriculum and the methodology of each of our training activities to suit our clients' needs.

Workshops and entrepreneurship programs

  • Workshops on preventing abusive relationships among adolescents.
  • Workshops on raising awareness and preventing violence against women for adolescents.
  • Workshops on the deconstruction of the myth of romantic love for adolescents.
  • Workshops on empowerment for gender equality for boys and girls.
  • Workshops on empowerment to prevent violence against women among youth.
  • Workshops on empowerment and the inclusion of women.
  • Workshops on empowerment strategies for organizations and groups of women.

*Customized: we design each workshop according to the needs of our clients.

Management of external services

Centre for Equality and Resources for Women (CIRD) Barcelona

The CIRD is a municipal service designed to promote the effective and real equality between women and men based on respect and equity.

Services offered by the CIRD:

  • Information, support, and expert technical advice
  • Training and awareness-raising programmes and resources
  • Dissemination of information on gender, women’s issues and equality
  • Cooperation and networking with public and private organizations and entities

Women’s Information and Support Service (SIAD) of Prat de Llobregat

The SIAD is a service of information and support to women, a point of reference for the women of the city, a meeting place.  It is aimed at all the women of Prat and aims to enhance their autonomy process, contribute to overcoming all situations of gender inequality, and give answers to the different demands of information and support.

Services offered by SURT:

  • Attention and advice in situations of gender-based discrimination.
  • Advice, counselling, and first attention to situations of gender-based violence.
  • Organization of support groups: debate spaces, support and mutual help groups.

Women’s Information and Support Service (SIAD) of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

The Municipal Department of Gender Equality and the Promotion of Women provides attention, information and counselling, as well as personalized support for women.  The department became a point of reference to collect, organize, and channel the demands and needs of women in the municipality, and also to give support to the women’s associations’ network.

Services offered by SURT:

We offer free psychological support through individual interventions for women who have suffered situations of gender-based violence.

Psychological support is offered for those children of the women attending the service who experience conflicts, abuses or discomfort due to their family context.