Community and intercultural action

The area of community intervention includes a large number of programs and projects with the common objective of driving community development processes. It aims to do so especially in contexts of cultural diversity, where the community as a whole –with both natives and immigrants— needs to be included. Special attention is paid to the most vulnerable groups, and the methodology used always incorporates a gender-based point of view.

In the area of community action, we also carry out welcome projects, with the aim of helping newcomers integrate themselves into their new society. We work to promote the  intercultural competence of the professionals who attend to them and others, and we promote social cohesion and intercultural coexistence among people from different cultures.

Welcoming recent immigrants

Our welcome programs aim to help newcomers become a part of their new society. Many of the women who come to SURT's activities are recent immigrants or have suffered from isolation. As a result, as we help to insert them into the workforce, we also work on their personal project with a plan aimed at making their adaptation process easier and improving their professional skills.

Our welcome programs aim to help newcomers become integrated into their new society, to work on the intercultural competencies of the professionals who attend to them, and to promote social cohesion and intercultural coexistence among people from different cultures.

Community action programs

Community programs

These programs and projects aim to create community development plans in different territories and neighborhoods, to work on social diagnostics and on participative community programs.

  • Intercultural Community Intervention project Clot - Camp de l'Arpa
  • Intercultural Community Intervention project Badalona Sud
  • Community development plan for the Ribera neighborhood of Montcada i Reixac
  • Horta-Guinardó coexistence service

Community networks

Promotion of citizen networks in order to encourage participation in solving problems and challenges to the community.

  • Més per menys [more for less]
  • Grans persones [great individuals]

Management of external services

  • Noves famílies [New families]: The Noves famílies program in Barcelona aims to orient and accompany individuals who have asked for family regrouping, along with their nuclear family. At the same time, it serves as a space for them to get to know the services and organizations that the Barcelona City Hall places at their disposal, so that the meeting between those who have been regrouped and those who already benefit from these services can be an enriching experience.