Volunteers are one of the pillars of Surt, along with our employees and beneficiaries. Together, we all give meaning to our organization’s work, which needs to be transformational, in touch with reality, freeing and loyal to a series of values and principles.

Our volunteers play an essential role. They contribute altruism and gratuitousness while working selflessly for others. They aren’t just another complement to the job our entity does; they work actively to improve the quality of life of the people Surt works with. Nether is the work our volunteers do a way of making up for what our employees can’t; it’s a complementary and necessary task.

Our volunteers give our beneficiaries an opportunity to interact with a different environment, so that they can broaden the scope of their relationships and experiences.

In order to volunteer with Surt, you must:
  • Be older than 16.
  • Be emotionally stable, committed and responsible enough to carry out the necessary tasks.
  • Have sufficient free time.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the information you are privy to.
  • Have a positive attitude, and be open and committed to the needs of those you attend to and to the instructions you receive.
Your basic tasks will be:
  • To help those we serve and to give them support.
  • To help improve their quality of life.
  • To help integrate them into society.
  • To encourage their capabilities and encourage them to be autonomous.
  • To be committed to our mission and objectives.
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