Who are we?

SURT is a nonprofit foundation made up of 95% women, that has worked with women and for women since 1993.

We aim to be a transformational project, committed to the values of gender equality, inclusion, solidarity and social transformation.

  • Gender equality: we’re committed to defending women’s economic, social and cultural rights.
  • Inclusion in society and the workplace: we aim for equal rights and opportunities, especially for women who are vulnerable or socially excluded.
  • Cultural diversity: this is essential to our organizational model because it enriches society and individuals.
  • Participation: in managing our organization, we adopt systems that incorporate gender equality and social inclusion.
  • Responsibility and coherency: we aim for a transparent, socially responsible and ethical management system.

Our activities are aimed at modifying the socioeconomically subordinate position of women and to end the discrimination they suffer. To this end,

  • We promote the empowerment of women, their autonomy and leadership in different areas;
  • We encourage quality employment opportunities without discrimination;
  • We raise awareness of the discrimination that defines the way women participate in society and the economy, especially in the workplace;
  • We carry out actions aimed at fostering respect for cultural diversity and the defense of women’s rights as citizens.